• SkillfulSimmer340

Modest Trait

These sims are not prideful nor are they egotistic. They take great pride in dressing nicely and are kind, helpful, but do not allow people to walk over them.

Trait Category: Social


  • [Toddler]Hug

  • [Toddler]Talk about day with

  • Check Cause Progress

  • Debate politics

  • Compliment someone

  • Go to work feeling energized

  • Promote Cause

  • Promote Cause to 2 sims

  • Protest for Cause at Myshuno Meadows

  • Protest for cause in Arts Quarter

  • Protest for cause in fashion district

  • Protest for Cause in Uptown

  • Paint a mural

  • Paint on an easel

  • Finish a painting

  • Buy an easel

  • Buy a bookshelf

  • Buy a chess table

  • Finish reading a book

  • Donate to online charity

  • Get to know

  • Share Astronomy knowledge

  • Stargaze with

  • Clean high chair

  • Clean potty chair

  • Clean something

  • Clean the house

  • Make a wish

  • Write Short Stories

  • Write an excellent book

  • Help {2.SimFirstName} with homework

Career/Skill Changes:

  • Work Ethic increase rate changed to 3x that of a regular sim  

  • All mental skills changed to 1.35x that of a regular sim

Continuous Loots:

Buff Name: Modest

Buff Description: This sim is dressed nicely in formal attire

Buff Emotion: Confident

Emotional Weight: +2

Happens when a sim is dressed in formal attire

Buff Name: Lovely Times

Buff Description: These sims love socializing with others.

Buff Emotion: Happy

Emotional Weight: +1

Happens when a sim is socializing

Buff Name: Nahhhh

Buff Description: Nobody is about to be rude to this sim and think that it is okay.

Buff Emotion: Angry

Emotional Weight: +1

Happens when the sim has loud neighbors, has a loitering customer, or has an uninvited visitor




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