• SkillfulSimmer340

College Student Trait

Being a college student means staying up until 4PM working on a paper and contemplating why you had three weeks to do it, but decided to wait until the very last moment. Being a college student means never checking you bank account because you don't need that negativity in your life.

This trait is only available for Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Elders.

This trait was inspired by our Auntie Chocklit Kiss. I made more of a parody version of being a student. While Kenya made the more inspirational trait.


  • Study Art

  • Study Globe

  • Read a book at the library

  • Read something

  • Buy a computer

  • Play Video Games

  • Buy a video game console

  • Enter a gaming tournament

  • Level up in Video Gaming Skill

  • Play a Computer Game

  • Play Video Games for an hour

  • Play video games on a gaming console

  • Research video games

  • Watch a gaming livestream

  • Win a multiplayer game on the video game console

Skill and Statistic Multipliers:

  • Video Gaming skill increased to 2x faster than a regular sim

  • Work ethic skill increased to 2x faster than a regular sim.

Need Decay Changes:

  • Energy need decays 60% less than that of a regular sim

  • Hygiene need decays 50% less than that of a regular sim

Occasional Event:

Buff Name: Overwhelmed

Buff Description: Being a college student can be hard. Random times, this sim gets overwhelmed.

Buff Emotion: Tense

Emotional Weight: +1

Continuous Loots:

Buff Name: Mooooommmm

Buff Description: This sim has past due bills. Mom seems to be the only person that could help right now.

Buff Emotion: Embarrassed

Emotional Weight: +1

Buff Name: Quizlet Please Come Thru!

Buff Description: Quizlet, right now I need your help! Mehn! I might end up having to pay this $40 for a month of CourseHero!

Buff Emotion: Tense

Emotional Weight: +1

Buff Name: Working But These Loans Never Getting Paid Off

Buff Description: This sim is working, but these student loans are probably never going to get paid off, but it's okay because this sim is getting educated.

Buff Emotion: Focused

Emotional Weight: +1




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