• SkillfulSimmer340

Bothered Trait

This is the trait for the sims that report other sim's Patreons simply because they have ONE file out of their hundreds of files that is Patreon exclusive. These sims feel the need to pick on creators that focus on afrocentric content, but completely ignore the users that don't. These sims also are on Rotten Tomatoes all now giving the Black Panther a bad review just because.


  • Admire possessions

  • Ask for Bribe

  • Blog about feeling

  • Blog for followers

  • Browse the web

  • Browse simpedia

  • Buy a computer

  • Complain about apartment problems

  • Complain about flavorless meat substitutes

  • Complain about love life

  • Complain about problems

  • Insult someone

  • Insult someone’s face

  • Record rant

  • Troll web forums

  • Troll web forums

  • Throw a fit

Skill Change:

  • Programming skill increase rate is 50% slower than that of a regular sim

Continuous Loots:

Buff Name: Patreon Users

Buff Description: Wow, someone is making money by spending hours of their life making CC. Since I refuse to learn how to make CC, I am not making money. Thus, I must report them until they release everything for free.

Buff Emotion: Angry

Emotional Weight: +2

(Happens when browsing the internet)

Buff Name: Need to Go on Rotten Tomatoes

Buff Description: How dare they! I must give them a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes.

Buff Emotion: Angry

Emotional Weight: +1

(From Being Bothered and Watching Funny Videos on

(From Seeing a Black Panther Commercial)




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