• SkillfulSimmer340

Auntie Trait

Here is the fixed POST Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Auntie trait. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any issues.

*As requested by Darling*

>Can Only be used on Young Adults and older<

She's wild. She's extra-- real extra. Most of the family secretly hates her because she's lowkey a critic, but she's cool when you get to know her. She's always with that grown slayage when she steps out the door.


  • Become confident (these aunties are confident asf)

  • Become energized (the energy of these aunties are addictive)

  • Become happy (these aunties are the soul of the family—they cheer everyone up)

  • Make a drink (These aunties love a little alcohol)

  • Clean something (these aunties love things organized)

  • Tell a joke (What would a day be without these aunties cracking a joke)

  • Level up in cooking skill (these aunties usually bring the best sweet potato pie to the cookout)

  • Level up writing skill (For some reason, these aunties usually say they’re writing a book)

  • Level up in charismatic skill

  • Chat with someone new

  • Tell a story to

  • Tell a story (These aunties always have a story to tell)

  • Be funny with

  • Cook a meal

  • Cook an excellent meal

  • Make an excellent drink

  • Watch a cooking show (We all know these aunties are always watching the Food Network)

  • Buy an oven

  • Bake apple pie (These aunties make a mean apple pie)

  • Prepare Simcity Cheesecake

  • Prepare stirfry

  • Prepare tuna casserole

  • Cook a gourmet meal

  • Give someone cooking tips (These aunties are so extra about givng everyone tips. They’re lowkey critics)

  • Talk about cooking




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